My ‘official’ crime-writer photo. B&W, check. Urban background, check.

I don’t write about historical trains, but the Colorado Railroad Museum is always a blast.

A dream come true. Signing at Tattered Cover.

I was made in Japan, born in Guam, and traveled through numerous ports of call to land in Colorado. All of which honed my sense of adventure and gave me an insatiable curiosity about pretty much everything. When I’m not writing, traveling, or wandering through libraries, I’m usually in the Colorado Rockies where I love to hike, cave, snowshoe and drink single malt Scotch—rarely, please note, at the same time.

I’ve chased my curiosity across multiple careers—raptor rehabilitator, astronomy teacher, piano teacher, instructional designer and even sword fighter. But this writing gig is my favorite because of what I get to do in the name of research. Most recently I role-played a drug dealer for Thornton PD’s SWAT training. Dropping f-bombs while staring into the steely eyes of twelve heavily armed SWAT trainees was a great opportunity to stand in the bad guy’s shoes. And to realize: you don’t mess with these guys. You just … don’t.

Up next? Learning about the FBI’s Child Abduction Rapid Deployment team, wandering through the souks of Morocco, and working on my climbing legs for Kilimanjaro. All in the name of research. Well … mostly.

Taking aim during the 2016 FBI Citizens Academy.

Sharing a laugh with Inspector Troy Bisgard of the Denver Homicide Unit.