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On the Kill Zone, Barbara talks about dos and don’ts when setting your novel in the real world. Read the post here. 

Phoenix Rising: Stories of Remarkable Women Walking Through Fire. Editors Kristen Moeller and Leslie Aplin Wharton. New York: Morgan James Publishing, 2016.

Barbara’s story is titled Here be Dragons.

Over several terrifying summers, deadly wildfires raged across Colorado. Lives were lost, and the flames destroyed thousands of homes. When the smoke cleared and only rubble remained, survivors were left trying to find a way forward against devastating loss. The aftermath of that destruction would span many years, and its effects are still felt today.

In “Phoenix Rising”, twenty women share their stories of fire, the terror they felt as flames engulfed their communities, and the dark desperation that followed. And how—in the ensuing weeks and months—they worked to recreate a life from the ashes. Their tales of fear and bravery, of deep compassion and heart-rending grief, offer an uplifting chronicle of human courage and resilience.